Home Building Options


Some customers find the cost of existing homes in Garrett County challenging.  Costs in the Deep Creek Lake and Alpine Lake areas can differ substantially.  Steve will offer prices you can afford while still receiving the high end quality construction you deserve.


Alpine Lake

Building a home in Alpine Lake Resort, West Virginia is a lower cost option.  Alpine Lake is a gated private community with lodge, restaurant, lounge, motel, large lake and a nice golf course.  It has paved roads and a beautiful park like setting, only ten minutes from Oakland, Maryland and twenty minutes from Deep Creek Lake.  Costs of building a home at Alpine Lake can be half those of building at Deep Creek Lake.


Deep Creek Lake

You may prefer the local amenities that the Deep Creek Lake area has to offer, as well as the many private housing community options.  Many families vacation to Western Maryland each year to enjoy boating, skiing at Wisp Resort, white water rafting, golfing, camping, hiking and mountain biking – just to name a few of our local attractions.



Taxes are much less in the area.  If you’re from the Baltimore-Washington-Pittsburgh metropolitan areas, you will be very pleased with the lower costs of living and lower taxes, especially in West Virginia.  West Virginia does not tax retirement income.


Before You Build


Purchase Lot/Land

You may already own the lot or land you plan to build your home on or you may need to purchase that perfect lot that will meet all of your future needs.

When choosing a lot keep in mind  . . .

  • The style of home you want to build. Make sure that it will not only fit on the lot but allow for your building specifications such as a walk out basement or extensive decking.
  • Some communities have Home Owner Association guidelines that you must adhere to.
  • Many communities in Western Maryland and West Virginia are not serviced by public water and sewer; in this case make sure that the property you are interested in has a percolation rate that will support the size of home you are planning to build.



A survey of your property needs to be achieved to provide your home construction site plan and indicate the foundation corners.  This will also help ensure that any required property line setbacks are met.  A copy of your site plan will need to be submitted when Steve applies for your building permit.


Construction Proposal, Terms and Conditions


Site Assessment

Steve Edwards, owner of Edwards Construction will meet you at your building site to review the lot and determine how extensive excavation will be.  Don’t let steep grades worry you; Steve has experience excavating driveways and foundations on the steep slopes in Western Maryland.  He will discuss with you lot clearing and initial grading, driveway entrance and utility access.  He can anticipate situations and suggest where retaining walls will be needed.  Steve will also discuss with you potential drainage issues and advise the best way to control water runoff around your home site.


Review Building Plans

Steve will need a detailed copy of your construction plans to review with you.  He will also discuss your finishing specifications in detail, including certain materials you want used and finishing styles that will meet your wants and needs.


Construction Proposal

Steve will return to the office and review all of your information to compose a proposal for construction fees.  It will take about a week to get this information together for you.  Steve will meet with you again to review his bid package including his proposal and the details of his construction contract and draw schedule.  All contracts will include Edwards Construction’s builder registration number, a provision stating that your home will be constructed in accordance with all applicable building codes, a provision referencing all performance standards or guidelines Edwards Construction will comply with in the construction of your new home and a  provision detailing your right to receive a consumer information pamphlet.


Consumer Information Pamphlet

Each customer in Maryland will receive a copy of the Consumer Information Pamphlet developed by the Maryland Attorney General Home Builder Registration Unit prior to entering into a construction contract.


Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment schedules will be agreed upon by both parties and the financing institution when applicable.


Home Owner Association Requirements

When relevant you will be responsible for meeting all pre construction requirements of the Home Owner Association.  In some communities this may take several weeks, in others it may take just a couple of days.  Be prepared that some HOA’s require samples of exterior finishes.  Edwards Construction will assist you with this process as needed.


Building Permits and Applications

Steve will file for all required building permits, with Garrett County Planning and Land Development or Preston County Planning and Zoning, approval usually takes 4-6 weeks.  Steve will also file the necessary paper work for builder approval in communities where that is required.