What You Can Expect During Construction



Once all permits are acquired and the first construction payment is made, lot clearing and grading will begin.   Foundation excavation will be completed and footer ditches along with ditching for electric service and other utilities will be installed.



All construction must meet all 2003 International Residential Code building requirements and is thoroughly inspected five times by professional county building inspectors.  The first inspection will be of the footers and then the foundation.  Next will be the framing inspection at which time there will be a rough in inspection of plumbing, electrical and HVAC.  Then there will be an insulation inspection and subsequently the final inspection.  You will receive copies of the inspection reports throughout construction.  Some lenders may require additional inspections by their private inspectors.



Steve encourages that you visit your home site during the construction process, however please use caution.   Steve demands that his employees keep the job site neat and orderly, though there can still be hidden dangers.  Upon your visits he will discuss any concerns you have and explain in detail any issues that may arise.


Framing and Finishing

Steve ensures all project management and pays close attention to detail and craftsmanship.  After the foundation is complete the area will be backfilled and framing of your home will begin starting from the ground up.  Expect to then observe roofing completion, construction of exterior siding and decking.  Interior finishes will begin once the home is sealed off from all weather elements.  Disturbed lawn areas will be seeded and mulched.


Weather Permitting

Please keep in mind that in Western Maryland we sometimes experience extreme winter conditions.  Even summers can be extra wet and rainy.  Steve’s construction crew will work in all weather conditions; however, unpredicted weather conditions can hinder construction progress.